Good morning, Wingstop fans! is the way to go to flavor town and get great benefits at the same time. It will make your wings taste even better. Hold on tight, because we’re about to dive into the world of juicy prizes and comments!

Take Wingstop Survey

Take Wingstop Survey

Find out About A Site where Convenience Meets Rewards

“Why not share my love for this place?” you ask yourself as you enjoy a plate of Wingstop’s crispy, sauce-covered wings. What do you know? You can definitely do it! You can tell Wingstop what you think and get some great prizes at the same time at

Enjoy the Prizes from the Survey

What’s the deal then? People who fill out the Survey are not only giving their opinion, but they are also entering to win some really great gifts. This is the dish:

  • The big prize? Five hundred dollars in cash!
  • The really cool thing is that you can join the survey thirteen times a year.
  • Out of the hat are drawn four lucky winners every time.
  • If you do the math, you have up to 52 chances to win in a year!

Take Wingstop Survey

The Prize Parade

Don’t get too excited yet! The winners of the $500 cash prizes are waiting in the wings (no pun meant) until they’ve been checked out thoroughly. After that, the prize walk starts!


The next time you eat those delicious Wingstop wings, know that your opinion counts and that you can get rewards for taking a test. Take the poll at and become a part of the flavor change. You’ll enjoy the food more, and you never know—you might even win $500! Happy winging, fellow taste-testers!

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